What We Do?

We are a Virtual Reality Entertainment Studio. Our goal is to disconnect the user from the everyday life and entertain. 

  1. Unique experience - Do you want to give your clients a unique experience or your loved ones? Want to connect with your global clients in a special way?
  2. Cost effective - VR Friends offers a number of customized packages to help you meet your financial needs, this way manageing to provide a cost-effective service for your business. Our team specialize in problem-solving and in all services we provide, also efficient. This way ensuring a problem free service. 

Virtual Reality Arcade

Visit our virtual reality studio at Petőfi Sándor37 street in Miercurea Ciuc. Relax from the everyday stress and have fun. Bring your friends, family and together take part at a unique experience offered by us.

3D Graphics and Modeling

Bring your ideas and we'll make it come true for you. Together with a talented artistic team, we will help you bring your idea to life. 3D Graphics and Modeling can be found mainly in the gaming industry, but in our days u can find it in other industries as well, such as the automotive industry, architecture, and design. If you would like to personalize your company with a 3D Graphic Logo or make a 3D model of your product, our team is always available to you. If you would like to know more about our personalized offers and information about our service, please contact us at one of our contact details below.

Virtual Reality GAME Softwares development

We are proud to be part of the ever-growing virtual reality industry heritage with self-developed games, while at the same time helping others create great game content.



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Simon Norbert

CEO / Co Founder / 3D Modeller / Developer

Kalló Róbert

CEO / Co Founder / Marketing & Advertising Director

Urkon Zoltán

3D Modeler

Kádár Szabolcs




 VR game/software development

- Softwares
- Virtual Reality (VR) games
- Interactive Virtual Reality Visualization
- AR / Mobile Applications for Businesses


 Virtual Reality Arcade Studio

- Unforgettable experience
- Team Building Events
- Big variety of games
- Fun and relaxation in one
- Gamer community, sweepstakes, tournaments!



- Product placement!
- Visual plans (Archviz)
- Unique concept according to customer needs!

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